Configuring cron_jobs

The following table shows the config variables used to set individual cron_jobs inside nebula (via the API):


The tables slides to to side for viewing it's full information (not clear do to the rtfd theme)

field type example value default value description
env_vars dict {"test": "test123"} {} a dict of envvars that will be passed to each work containers, use {} for non
docker_image string nginx none - must be declared what docker image to run
running bool true true true - cron will be enabled, false - stops said cron
volumes list [] [] what volumes to mount inside the containers ,follows docker run -v syntax of host_path:container_path:ro/rw, use [] for non
devices list [] [] what devices to grant the containers access ,follows docker run --device of host_path:container_path:ro/rwm, use [] for non
privileged bool false false true - cron gets privileged permissions, false - no privileged permissions
schedule string 0 * * none - must be declared the schedule of the cron to run, follows standard linux cron schedule syntax