The best way to deploy to Nebula from Jenkins in a fully automated CI/CD fashion is to use the Drone plugin in it's container form (Drone plugins are basically containers).

Note that this plugin is only in charge of the deploying to Nebula part of the CI/CD, other steps in Jenkins will likely be needed to build the container from the source code of your repo & deploy it to a Docker registry (as well as testing it) with this plugin likely being the final step of the deployment.


This plugin can be used to deploy applications to a nebula server, it will create\update the given nebula tasks as needed.

The below pipeline configuration demonstrates simple usage:


In addition to the run command given below you will need to create a nebula.json file that contains the nebula configuration as well as the "app_name" (for app) or "cron_job_name" (for cron_job) field in your repo root. Please see here for an example.

docker run -e -e PLUGIN_NEBULA_JOB_FILE=nebula.json -v $(pwd):/my_repo --workdir /my_repo nebulaorchestrator/drone-nebula

Value substitution

Example configuration with values substitution:

docker run -e my_image_tag=my_dynamic_image -e -e PLUGIN_NEBULA_JOB_FILE=nebula.json -v $(pwd):/my_repo --workdir /my_repo nebulaorchestrator/drone-nebula

In the nebula.json file (please note the $ before the PLUGIN_MY_IMAGE_TAG key):

  "image": "myrepo/myimage:$PLUGIN_MY_IMAGE_TAG",

will result in:

  "image": "myrepo/myimage:my_dynamic_image",

Parameter Reference

envvar description default value required
PLUGIN_NEBULA_HOST The nebula server FQDN\IP yes
PLUGIN_NEBULA_JOB_FILE The nebula configuration file location relative to the root folder of the repo "nebula.json" no
PLUGIN_nebula_USERNAME The nebula basic_auth username to use None no
PLUGIN_NEBULA_PASSWORD The nebula basic_auth password to use None no
PLUGIN_NEBULA_TOEKN The nebula token_auth token to use None no
PLUGIN_NEBULA_PORT The nebula server port 80 no
PLUGIN_NEBULA_PROTOCOL The nebula server protocol "http" no
PLUGIN_NEBULA_JOB_TYPE The type of nebula job, "app" or "cron_job" "app" no