Where to find help?

So you read the entire Nebula documentation, maybe even tried it out but you still have questions unanswered and your wandering where\how is the best way to look for help? Attached below are some of possible answers.

GitHub Issues

GitHub issue ticket system is a great tool for FOSS projects, if your problem can be pin pointed to one of Nebula components consider going over the open\closed ticket lists of that component or open a new one to describe your issue:

  • manager - the api endpoint through which Nebula is controlled, includes manager Dockerfile & entire code structure
  • docs - docs (schematics, wishlist\todo's, and API doc)
  • worker - the worker manager that manages individual Nebula workers, includes worker Dockerfile & entire code structure
  • nebula-python-sdk - a pythonic SDK for using Nebula
  • nebula-cmd - a CLI for using Nebula
  • nebula-orchestrator.github.io - the Jekyll based main website
  • reporter - an optional component used to populate status reports to the backend DB to allow the admin to know the status of the managed devices

Google MailGroup

There is a Google MailGroup you can email at nebula-orchestrator@googlegroups.com if you have questions that are more generic & not about a specific component, the mailgroup forums\history is available here.